Works by Sergey Berinsky

1983 Symphony-Cantata "To Orpheus" for soprano, tenor, bass and big symphony orchestra, lyrics by R.Rilke
1993 "And it was so..." (Genesis I). Symphony for solo viola, piano and big symphony orchestra
1994 "And the sun became black..." (Revelation VI). Symphony #3 for bayan and big symphony orchestra
1996 Symphony #4 for trio (violin, cello, piano) and big symphony orchestra.
Concertos (considered by the author as symphonies with a solo instrument)
1975 Concerto #1 for cello and orchestra
1977 Concerto for flute and chamber orchestra
1979 Concerto-capriccio for string orchestra and bass guitar
1981 Concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra
1983 Concerto-Symphony for violin and orchestra
1986 Concerto #2 for cello and orchestra
1988 Concerto in G for soprano and orchestra
1989 Concerto for clarinet, 12 strings, prepared piano and harpsichord
1991 "Joyful games". Concerto-poem for flute and chamber orchestra
1995 "Buffo infernale" - concerto for bassoon and orchestra
A Capella Choruses
1977 "The Stones of Treblinka". Cantata for choir, soloists and orchestra, lyrics by A.Vergelis
1979 Requiem for choir, soloists and orchestra to canonic texts. Janusz Korczak
1971 Two choirs with accompaniment, lyrics by N.Rubtsov
1971 Choir a capella, lyrics by W.Blake
1981 Ave Maria for bass and choir
1984 Three Shakespeare's Sonets for choir
1989 Motet "On 7.12.88". Church texts in Old Slavic, Old Armenian, Hebrew, Latin; for a mixed choir "a cappella".
1989 "Sprich aus der Ferne", lyrics by K.Brentano (in German); for women's choir "a cappella"
Organ music
1985 Sonata-partita "a la barocco" for organ
1990 "Also sprach Zaratustra". Partita for organ
1990 "Oboisto rabbioso". Transcription for oboe and organ
Music for chamber ensemble
1974 String quartet #1
1976 "In manus Tuas commendo spiritum meum", trio for violin, cello and piano
1976 Sonata for cello and piano
1977 Sonata for viola and piano
1978 String quartet #2
1979 Sonata for violin and piano
1985 Sonata-partita for cello solo
1988 "The Bells of Warsaw", sonata-fantasia for prepared piano on a Polish chorale theme
1990 "Menora" ("In memoriam of the Teacher"). Suite for cello solo
1990 Partita for bayan "Also sprach Zaratustra"
1990 "Il dolce dolore" - Largo apassionato for cello and bayan
1992 "In gardens and vineyards", poem-misteria for flute, piano and cello
1992 Intermezzonata for flute solo
1992 "Sempre majore" for bayan and oboe
1992 "Drei Stücke für Bajan"
1994 "The Psalms of David" for 4 celli
1994 Suite for bayan ensemble
1995 Two Hymns for balalaika, domra, bayan and big balalaika
1996 "A Sea-scape (a sea-scape in the spirit of Monet)" for violin and bayan
1996 "Lichtenwellen". Poem für 2 akkordeon (poem for 2 bayans)
1996 "Cinema" ("In memoriam maestro Nino Rota"). Fantasy for bayan solo
1997 "Double portrait". Capriccio for violin and flute
1997 String quartet #3
Chamber-vocal music
1972 "A Handful of Sand", a vocal collection to verses by I.Takuboku for voice (tenor), flute and piano
1973 "Epigrams" for tenor and piano to poems by Pushkin
1974 A song cycle to poems by V.Mayakovsky for baritone and chamber orchestra
1974 Four romances on poems by A.Fet for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra
1976 "Black Lyubir'", six songs to poems by V.Khlebnikov
1977 "Alkogoli" ("Spirits"), vocal miniatures to poems by Li Bo
1978 "Carnations in the Snow", a vocal collection for mezzo-soprano and piano to verses by Kh.Beyder (in Yiddish)
1982 "Makhtumkuli's Songs of Langour" for contralto, cello and piano.
1980-1984 "Hysteriadas". Two collections set for voice and piano to poems by A.Pushkin, F.García Lorca, L.Berinsky, N.Hikmet (in Turkish), G.Ungaretti (in Italian), E.Gerlach (in German), O.Vacietis (in Latvian), Catull, F.Tyutchev, and others
1985 "Vier Lieder nach Goethe" for soprano and piano
1986 "Arabesques", a poem for soprano and two oboes on a theme of Hafiz
1988 "Dots". Seven examples of consonance, set to poems by A.Ryazanov for bass and piano (in Byelorussian)
1991 "Tears of heraldic soul". 10 poems by D.Prigov for tenor, piano, and artistic whistling
1993 "Miserere" for soprano, piano and bayan
Music for the theatre
1984 "Romeo and Julliet"
1985 "Lizard"
1987 Ballet-pantomime "The Forty-First" (after the eponymous tale by Boris Lavrenev)
1992 "Othello"
1994 "The Inspector General", scotch-opera after the story by Gogol
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Music for the cinema
1980 Two TV movies set "The Hermitage"
1990 "The Ladies' Tailor" (on the tragedy in Baby Yar)
1990 film-pamphlet "Blya"
1990 documentary film "Mikhoels"
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