Natalia Gerassimova (soprano) "Baroque" Chamber Emsemble
Russian Urban Songs and Romances
Recorded: 1993,  1993 Rossijsky Instrument

1. Ave Maria  
Eight romances. Lyrics by F.G.Lafermierre
2. Hymn to the Moon  
3. Romance of Paul and Virginia  
4. A Poor Shepherd  
5. Ismena Is Faithful To Me  
6. Amour the Winged  
7. Arietta about the Flowers  
8. Romance of the Beautiful Tirsis  
9. Farewell, Farewell...  
Mikhail Vielgorsky (1788-1856)
10. I Did Love (lyrics by the unknown author)  
11. The Old Husband (lyrics by Alexander Pushkin)  
12. Light-haired (lyrics by the unknown author)  
13. It Used To Be (lyrics by Ivan Myatlev)  
14. I Am Sad (lyrics by Mikhail Lermontov)  
Alexander Alabiev (1787-1851)
15. I See Your Image... (lyrics by A.Bistrom)  
16. I Get Out to the Porch (lyrics by A.Delwig)  
17. At the Dawn (lyrics by N.Nikolaev)  
18. The Beggarly Woman (lyrics by D.Lensky)  
19. Nightingale (lyrics by A.Delwig)